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About Us

About Us

RECYCLING is not just the NEED of the hour, it's a COMPULSION!

About the Company

Wishwa Enterprises is a specialized E-waste Recycle Enterprise in Sri Lanka setting standards with its ground-breaking and environmental recycling practices. Founded in 2008, we started this enterprise to eliminate the intricacy of electronic assets management and reutilizing process. Our goal is to deliver a simple, upfront, clear and ecological way to reprocess and handle your E-waste and Electronic equipment.

With the help of our 30 in-house workforces, we have recognized the prospective of e-waste and offer a completely new life and approach to it. Concentrating on transforming the e-waste into something valuable, we manufacture 20-ton recycling plastic products every month. In the course, we undertake all the processes to guarantee that our customers are not dissatisfied and they get the full value of their buck.

With the progressive, innovative technologies, capable and dedicated staff and an everlasting obligation to the environment, we wish to deliver better value to our customers.

Max Electric product - Our own brand

E-Waste is measured to be a noteworthy challenge for dangerous waste management. As accretion of E-Waste has increased actively, we strive to crack this challenge by effective e-waste management. We, with our Max Electric products, are introducing new products as well as new notions in e-waste Recycling.

We, in fact, are a trusted brand for plastic products manufacturers in Sri Lanka, raising product standards to great levels. Max Electric is an ecological, recyclable and totally handmade range of products that use waste electronic assets and natural constituents to substitute plastics.

If it's quality you're looking for, Max Electric will be pleased to meet your desires. Our workers specify that they decide on working at Wishwa Enterprises as they wish to be associated with the class, value and quality of the products.

Partnership CSR Program

We are working in partnership with the international funding agency to develop feasible solutions for E-Waste management. In recent times, Wishwa Enterprises associated with the Environment pollution CSR Projects to implement an E-Waste initiative and diminish environmental pollution.

Along these lines, we are giving the paramount concern to promise the welfare of the environment. We confirm that our services create public consciousness within the governing framework. By way of our partnership with CSR Program, we work to boost the standard of living of folks and put up with the environment.

We commit to proposing a firm dedication in presenting ground-breaking technology and innovation to shape a superior future.

Custom Plastic Products

Plastic injection molding is a practice that is used to produce a variety of plastic products. Wishwa Enterprises dedicates itself in engineering custom plastic products manufacture using this process. We are competent enough to mass manufacture an assortment of plastic and promotional items that are intended to suit your specifications.

Our Custom molded products would go a long way to satisfy all your discrete desires. Our expert team is devoted to delivering you the finest customized solutions. All you have to do is just place an order and get things done! As easy as a breeze! Isn't it? Well, at Wishwa Enterprises, we are always ready to help you with your definite injection molding wants.

No matter what you want, or when you want it, we are here to help you out! We are proud of our exceptional standing and plastic molding industry proficiency.

Wishwa Enterprises



Managing Director

"I love our Mother Earth. However, the environment has an edge to what extent it can endure the burden. To donate to the wellbeing of the planet Earth and lessen its burden, I with my staff am taking necessary actions. We are trying to keep the waste production under control before it is too late. I thank and honor my entire workforce to help me in the procedure."

Wishwa Enterprises

Corporate Vision


Our vision is to become a leading plastic manufacturer in Asia Market.
We strive to protect our Mother Nature with E-waste reusing and recycling through act based on exploration and public cognizance.


  • To stimulate e-waste awareness and uphold the course of reduce, reuse and recycle
  • To protect the nature for the forthcoming generations
  • Supporting direct and indirect employment opportunities in the country
  • Developing ingenious solutions for chief ecological issues


  • Deliver acceptable training, facts and figures to our workforces on quality undertakings
  • Recover eco-friendly, quality, health and well-being performance through preservation of natural resources
  • Waste minimization and deterrence of pollution
  • Enthusiastically take part in Quality improvement


Tony anthony

Managing Director


Wishwa Enterprises controls its own recycling, reusing as well as e-waste management. With the help of up-to-the-minute recycling technology, we offer all the e-waste a new life and new purpose. This contributes a lot to saving our ecological balance and our globe.